Wednesday , 6 December 2023

The vision for the World Olympic Park is strengthened

"With the signing of its participation, the Region of Western Greece expresses its assistance in this great effort, contributing to the realization of a project that can well be described as emblematic, because it contains visions that elevate the spirit, values and ideals of man." In the above words, the Vice-Regional Director of Sport – Olympicism and Volunteering, Dimitris Nikolakopoulos, signed the Protocol of Cooperation for the World Park of Olympians "OLYMPIA", thus strengthening the aims of the project in the cultivation and dissemination of the Olympic Spirit. After all, as Mr Niikolakopoulos said, it is precisely this dissemination that requires synergies that will strengthen the effort. The Region will provide information and information on the financial possibilities available through the NSRF or transnational programmes, as well as support at scientific and technical level, if necessary.

"Ancient Olympia is the wealth of our region and the culture of our country. And it is our obligation to make every effort to exploit this wealth. In this respect, substantial cooperation is necessary. That is why I would like to thank all the stakeholders, the Municipality of Ancient Olympia for the excellent cooperation we have in all matters but also the Development Directorate of P.E. Ilia and personally the Director, Mrs. Vasiliki Karakitsou for the undivided help and great effort to make this effort a success" added Mr. Nikolakopoulos.

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