Thursday , 2 December 2021

Inactive State's obligation to recruit disabled people

According to Law 2643/98, the State is obliged to announce on an annual basis, through the O.A.E.D., the positions of Article 3 relating to the public sector, for all categories of protected persons of the law, including persons with disabilities and first-degree relatives of persons with severe disabilities. Although more than 2000 posts have been accumulated in recent years, they have not been advertised in 7 years, which is a huge injustice for the unemployed with disabilities and unemployed members of their families, to keep the positions they are entitled to in the drawers of the offices while the unemployment rate is constantly rising and at a rapid pace.

It is worth noting that the last notice of the positions of Law 2643/98 of the public sector was issued in 2014 after many pressure from the E.S.A.M.A. In addition, according to L.2643/96, in addition to the general notices, special notices are provided for blind telephone operators and blind lawyers, which have also not been published. Features mention that the last special notice for blind operators was published in 2010.

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