Tuesday , 29 November 2022

The amazing message of the Greek Paralympian Kostas Dimou

A shocking lesson in life was given yesterday by the Paralympon of weightlifting Costas Municipality, through his personal social media. Detailed publication.

'Like today 12 years ago I was waiting to be found in the irrigation canal where I had fallen frozen in the waters quite traumatised in a semi-fat state with the only thing in my mind that I have to live as long as I can until they find me because it had already been many hours and I certainly wouldn't last much longer. The miracle after a request to God was made and after a while he found me out of nowhere as if he had been sent by a farmer from the area and now I am here and I am living my life not as I imagined it before the accident but I live it as I can and I always like it with a smile even if behind it there is a lot that only those close to me know. What I want to say is that you don't waste an hour of your life and live it every day dreaming and setting goals young and old because through them we live and don't give up whatever happens to you because life is hard but it has its nice and once we live it. Head high with a smile and we continue for the next difficulties because we can.'

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