Saturday , 21 May 2022

The first special school-jewelry in Glyfada!

The first special school is created in Glyfada and is a real piece of art! A school that comes to change overall the way we approach special education and education in our country, to prove that there are no two-speed students, to be a beacon of education and culture. Where so far there is an old abandoned school, at the junction of Vebo and Leondou streets is born something wonderful!

"Forgive me the emotional charge of this post: It is an issue that from the beginning we have not been able to see coldly, as yet another infrastructure project. It is one of the most important projects we implement in our tenure: The first – and truly special – special school in Our Glyfada. A project that can change the lives of many of our fellow human beings for the better, with the only safe path that exists, education" stresses the Mayor of Glyfada Giorgos Papanikolaou. He adds: "What is this school? A school that will house the dreams and aspirations of children with special educational needs from all over Attica. Which will give a huge breather to their families. Which will prove in practice that there are no two-speed children. Everyone deserves equal opportunities in education! We deeply believe that the new special primary and kindergarten of Glyfada, an elegant art by the architect Konstantinos Lambrinopoulos and the KLab team, will change overall the way we approach special education and education in our country. The place has been found, in the old abandoned 18th elementary school (Vebo & Lodu) where we will tear it down. The building permit for the new premises is being launched. Approval by the Ministry of Education has been given and the relevant GG has been issued. Funding has been secured, to a large extent by the Region of Attica. The amphitheatre of about 400 seats that you see in the mock-up, will cover both cultural and other needs of our city. The first special school in Glyfada is no longer a dream, it is a project in full swing. I cannot put into words how proud we are of this."

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