Thursday , 30 November 2023

Announcement on the condemnation of violence by the Sports Federation of Persons with Disabilities

Violence, in any form, physical or psychological, by anyone and under any circumstances reprehensible, deserves punishment and public outcry. It requires a voice, not silence from its victims, so that justice can be done, which is now the point in the case of the brave Sophia Bekatorou. Sophia and every person who has suffered violence, woman or man, must know that she will have the whole of society by her side once she breaks her silence. For the disability movement and especially for people with intellectual disabilities and severe disabilities, the violence that manifests itself in many cases, through racism, social exclusion and so on, is a thorn in the side of the full integration of its representatives into a healthy society. That is why the role of the State is important, since the creation of a healthy society requires trained citizens.

Eaom-Disabled stands by Sofia Bekatorou, but also all those people who have found the courage to publicize such an abhorrent act. The example of Sophia, let us set an example for our entire society and let it be a springboard for the creation of active sensitized citizens ready to react directly to such forms of violence that govern all social spaces such as sport, education, culture, the media, politics and especially workplaces. We, for our part, as a multi-federation, which has in its ranks thousands of athletes especially when among them there are a large number of athletes who say they are unable because of the nature of their disability to defend themselves regardless of their age, we are obliged to work for an environment, especially that of sport, without violence, inclusive , without discrimination.

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