Wednesday , 6 December 2023

Allegations of sexual harassment in Cypriot sport

The Cypriot shooting champion Andri Eleftherios spoke for the second time about the sexual harassment she received from players in Cypriot sport on the RIK show "Woman of Cyprus» presented by Elina Michailidou and broadcast on 21 December 2020. Asked to comment on the report she made on another broadcast of Elitya Michaelidou two years ago (February 2018) about sexual harassment in the field of the sport of shooting, Andri Eleftherios said that it was something that had happened to her and considers it very serious. "I didn't want to go through with it and I left it behind," said the Cypriot shooting champion. "It's good to say, but a swallow doesn't bring spring," the well-known athlete said meaningfully. "You have to have support," he added, "and more people have to come out, it can't have happened to me alone."

He even revealed that he was sexually harassed at the 2006 commonwealth games in Australia and "repeated several times, in 2008 in Beijing" by the same person as he said. He then reported that sexual harassment was also received by another 2-3 people. "I avoided these people" added Andri Eleftherios and expressed the appreciation that "these things happen to other athletes and it is good to talk to them". She also stated that the people who sexually harassed her are now in the field of sport.

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