Friday , 1 December 2023

The position of the Hellenic Paralympic Committee on the Bekatorou complaints

In a personal statement, the president of the EIA Christos Kaloudis took a position on the complaint of Sofia Bekatorou. Detailed the announcement: "I feel angry and disgusted with what our Olympic champion Sofia Bekatorou complained about the sexual abuse she suffered as a member of the National Sailing Team. Over the years he has had devastating mental consequences from the abuse he suffered and that is why he made a brave decision at great mental cost. I urge other athletes to start speaking freely in order to expose all issues of sexual violence. All those involved in sport must stand by it and contribute to the immediate conclusion of the case so that it does not have to take so many years in the future for young athletes to find the courage to report such traumatic events. We must create in sport an environment that is safe, ethical and dignified, only in this way will parents be able to trust us with their children, only in this way will we be able to keep the new generation close to sport. Creating the right conditions that will prevent any act of immoral and malicious.".

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