Friday , 27 May 2022

The Greek Olympic Committee's response to Deputy Minister of Sport Lefteris Avgenakis

The Plenary of the Hellenic Olympic Committee at its last meeting discussed the content of the recent, extremely offensive, petitions of the Deputy Minister of Culture & Sport, Mr. E. Avgenakis, to the detriment of the overall construction of the Sports Movement of our country, but also of those who serve it at every level.

In order to restore reality, the Hellenic Olympic Committee points out the following:

The legality of sports clubs is demonstrated by the existence of the code of their specific sports recognition by fgm and their continuous sports activity, as described in the existing legal framework for Sport and implemented by procedures that the State implements or supervises.
Under their statutes, as well as the existing Laws of the State on Sport, the Sports Federations have no jurisdiction to control the finances of their member associations. On the contrary, by law, it is the obligation of the State to exercise this financial control, on an annual basis and not only before the federations' elections.
All Federations, irrespective of the origin of their revenues, have been harmonised with the Single Payments Authority.
The poverty in the labour market of professional coaches of all Sports is due to the refusal of fgm, over the last 10 years, to organize the respective schools, but also to approve the regulation of coaches submitted annually by each federation. Within this extremely limited framework, which is obviously not dictated by the choices of the Sports Movement, clubs are invited to be staffed with coaches.
The systematic tooling of athletes, who have no experience in the way federations are run and are not aware of the enormous difficulties that arise every day both in the effort to develop their own sports and in their own sports preparation, does not contribute in any way to the development of the sport of the country, on the contrary it only has disastrous consequences in the field of each Sport.
In conclusion: no one can dispute that Greek Sports, for the last 35 years, has been the top ambassador of Greece, having to demonstrate countless, unforgettable and historical successes of Olympic level and world scope at individual and team level. Its people are also entitled to take pride in the excellent organisation of the 2004 Olympic Games, in which Greek sports players and national federations made a huge contribution, which is why the same people played - and still play - an important role at international level.

After this, but also after the imposition of a new lock down in the country, the Plenary of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, asks the Deputy Minister of Culture & Sport:

Sports federations should be made on the basis of two of the three elements provided for in Law 4726/20, namely the Special Sports Recognition and the estimated number of athletes in the last 3 calendar years.
Allow sports clubs to settle their outstanding issues in the sports register under recommendation by the end of 2021.
To ask the federations – members of the EEE to send to the Hellenic Olympic Committee the number of clubs that have Special Sports Recognition, as well as how many of them have the necessary number of athletes in the last 3 years as provided by law.

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