Saturday , 28 November 2020

Letter from the Greek Olympians to the Prime Minister on the new measures

Dear Gentlemen, in view of the very difficult situation that our country has also been in due to the coronavirus pandemic and on the basis of the announcements regarding the measures for amateur-body sport, we would like to express to you the concerns of the whole sports world (athletes, coaches, players and parents) about its future and its development. Firstly, any distinction between professional and amateur sport should be avoided, since Sport is a social good and must, under restrictions and conditions, continue at every level.
In addition, the new measures of "paralysis" of amateur sport, in less than 6 months, have serious consequences for both athletes of all ages and for the clubs that are subject.
Finally, with respect and a sense of social responsibility, we consider it necessary to review the restrictive measures for Sport always with priority for the health of all of us. We are at your disposal for further communication.

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