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Eight Panhellenic records at the Paralympic Athletics Day

Eight national records were recorded during the track and field event organized by the National Sports Federation of Disabled People, for the second year in a row, at the Municipal Stadium of Schematari "E. Depasta", with the valuable contribution of the Municipality of Tanagras.

Nikolaos Christodoulis (LSO Macedonian) set a national record in both the 100 and 200 meters T44 with performances of 18.61 and 41.07 respectively.

In the races, a national record was also set by Ioannis Sedikalis (Athens Eagles) in the 400m. T62 and Evgenia Stamatis (AST Hephaestos) with guide runner George Markopoulos.

In the F56 men's discus, a new record was set by Konstantinos Junis (LSO Macedonian), as well as Zoe Mantoudis (Hope thessaloniki) in the F20 discus. In the women's javelin, Sultana Keramidas (Hope Thessaloniki) set a new national record, while Katerina Keramianaki (Herodikos) achieved a new national performance in the T63 length.

In summary, the national records recorded at the track and field event "Schematari 2020":
Men's 400m T62: Ioannis Sedikalis (Athens Eagles) 56.86
Men's 200m T44: Nikolaos Christodoulis (LSO Macedonian) 41.07
Men's 100m T44: Nikolaos Christodoulis (LSO Macedonian) 18.61
Women's 400m T11: Evgenia Stamatis (George Markopoulos) (AST Hephaestos) 1:21.10
Women's length T63: Katerina Keramianaki (Herodic) 2.70m.
Women's discus F20: Zoe Mantoudis (Hope Thessaloniki) 33.48m.
Men's discus F56: Konstantinos Junis (LSO Macedonian) 41.01m.
Women's javelin F12: Tania Keramidas (Hope Thessaloniki) 22.20m

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