Thursday , 25 April 2024

The reaction of the Hellenic Federation of Deaf Sports to the new sports bill

In the plenary session of the Parliament, the sports draft law of Lefteris Avgenakis entitled: "Reformation of the institutional framework of the sports bodies, distinguished escorts of athletes with 50 years of age, establishment of a National Platform for Sports Integrity, Hellenic Olympic Committee (E.O.E.), Hellenic Paralympic Committee (E.P.E.) and other provisions", was passed yesterday 17 September 2020. The Hellenic Federation of Deaf Sports throughout the past period has been present demanding for its better functioning, for the equal treatment of deaf/heavy Olympians and its athletes, who for many years representing our Greece in every corner of the earth were listening to our national anthem by putting the Greek flag at the highest point.

Important was also the issue of the negotiations where they will be held, as should already be the case, in the year of the Olympic Games for the Deaf so that the respective administration of the EAC has the time to complete the work of Olympic preparation and be judged with the completion of the Olympic Deaf. Until now, the elections of the Federations, including the EAC, were held in the year of the Olympic Games. With a special arrangement for the EAAC not only, the awards are transferred for the Olympic year of the deaf with the presence of the EAC at the Olympic Games in Brazil in December 2021, but also the one-year gap resulting from an extension of the present administration is also settled. The Board of Directors of the Hellenic Federation of Deaf Sports wishes to thank the Minister Mr. Avgenakis Lefteris as well as his staff, for their undivided effort and understanding, hoping that they will continue to contribute to the development of deaf sport, so that more deaf / hard of hearing children can follow the sport, setting goals and attempting to achieve a better quality of life, thus avoiding social exclusion and isolation.

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