Wednesday , 23 September 2020

The new federal coaches of the Hellenic Federation of Deaf Sports

In an exceptional atmosphere, the meeting of the new federal coaches of the EAC took place, in the presence of President Joseph Stavrakakis and Secretary General Panagiotis Kordonouris.

After a brief reference to the history and objectives of the Hellenic Federation of Deaf Sports by Mr. Stavrakakis, it was the turn to get to know the new coaches. It was impressive that at this first meeting, ideas and proposals were already put forward for the development of deaf sport and each sport individually. The aim of all is the worthy representation and presence of the athletes of the EAC, both at national and international level. The table of Federal Coaches of the EAC for the years 2020-2021 is as follows: Zerva Athena Federal Coach of Deaf Women's Basketball. Dylakou Sofia Technical Advisor of Sports. Petros Tsigoulis Federal Coach of Football for the Deaf Youth. Katrantzi Efthymia Technical Advisor for Deaf Tennis. Paraskevopoulos Gerasimos Technical Advisor for the Football of the Deaf of Western Greece.

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