Tuesday , 18 June 2024

With two world records the start of the Panhellenic Paralympic Athletics Championships!

Two world records, four national and several important performances, marked the premiere of the OPAP 2020 Panhellenic Athletics Championships, hosted at OAKA.

The world records were set by Giannis Sedikalis in the record category 62 with 27.22m. and Nikolaos Christodoulis at 10,000m. category 44 to 1 hour 04.21.86. In addition to the world records, in the premiere of the event there were also four national records, namely in discus 44 by Demosthenis Petkakis (27.50m), at length 38 by Konstantinos Kamaras (6.07m. ), discus 56 by Konstantinos Junis (39.65m) and discus 37/U20 by Alexander Durdi (23.31m).

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