Wednesday , 20 October 2021

The decisions of the Executive Board of the Cyprus Olympic Committee

The Executive Board of the Cyprus Olympic Committee (COE), in a regular session, the first after quarantine due to the pandemic. During the session, the activities of the previous period were assessed and the decisions taken by the Executive Board during the pandemic were validated. The recommendations of the Economic Committee were examined and expenses related to the operation of the Cyprus Olympic Committee were approved. The financial situation of the last four months was also adopted and the internal auditor's report was tabled. The E.S. was informed about the Ethics and Protection Committee of Sport in matters related to the Cyprus Olympic Committee. The E.S. has once again confirmed its position that it always operates in accordance with its Statutes and Regulations and no derogation can exist on these matters. The recommendations of the Staff Committee regarding the recruitment of a Press Officer and librarian of the Cyprus Olympic Library were approved. The proposals of the Tender Committee for the design and printing of a scrapbook of the 31th Session of the National Olympic Academy of Cyprus and for the construction of uniforms for the members of the Cypriot mission at the "Tokyo 2020" Olympic Games have been cancelled.

In relation to the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games due to the pandemic, for 2021, the Commission has decided to extend its existing sponsorship programme for another year. Cyprus' participation in the 15 Winter European Olympic Youth Festival in Vuokati, Finland (6-13 February 2021) was examined and it was decided that the cIT's established policy of participating in these games with those athletes who can claim 8th place was followed. If this possibility is not available then the CMO participates in the European Youth Games with one athlete for each sport. Cyprus is expected to participate in the ski and ice rinks' Winter Games in Vouokati. The 2020 Mediterranean Scholarships have been confirmed and will be given to athletes of Swimming, Boxing, Batminton and Tennis. The members of the E.S. were informed by the legal advisers of the CIT "Markidis, Markidis and Co. D.E.P.E." about the actions taken in connection with the Code of Good Governance of the CMO following the recommendations of the member federations. It was decided that the WIT would ratify and adopt the new World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code, in accordance with the Directive of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC). Finally, the issue of the COVID-19 pandemic was discussed and it was decided that the E.S. would study ways for the future smooth functioning of the Cyprus Olympic Committee in the event of a new pandemic.

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