Tuesday , 18 June 2024

The great Olympic champion Giorgos Zaimis has died

The Olympic family mourns the loss of Olympic sailing champion Giorgos Zaimi at the age of 83. The deceased was born in Piraeus on July 28, 1937 and was a great athlete as well as an accomplished player, offering invaluable services to the sport, which he served throughout his life.

He was named Olympic Gold Medalist of Sailing at the 1960 Rome Olympics, with the boat "Nireus" in the Dragon category, with the crew of the then Successor Constantine and Odysseus Eskintzoglou. In 1964 he won the 8th place at the Olympic Games in Tokyo with Eskintzoglou and Magoula, while he also participated in the 1968 Mexico Olympics. George Zimis was a founding member of the Association of Greek Olympians, an active member of the Union of Participants in the Ubiacal Games, a member of the Hellenic Maritime Group, and also served as President of the Piraeus Sailing Club.

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