Monday , 27 June 2022

Statement by the President of the EEA regarding the Tokyo Olympics

"The world has changed and in the last month things have changed day by day. When athletes have no place to train, when their health is at stake and when the Olympics that are a celebration of humanity could not be made with spectators, then there was no more right decision than postponing them to 2021," he stressed. On. He argued that "the Olympics could have been cancelled by a unilateral decision of the IOC, but this would have had a major impact on all those in the Olympic family, while the economic consequences would be great."

At the same time, he stressed that "what is important is to decide the new date of the Games": "I think in the next few days this will be done as, already, there has been communication with the world sports federations. sports federations on whether it is better to have May or on summer dates and most agreed to the summer games, a point at which the organizing committee of the Olympic Games agreed, so it will not surprise me at all to the same dates as for 2020 and postponed to 2021". As to whether the organisation of the Olympic Games in Paris would be affected, he seemed quite optimistic, but stressed that everyone would be faced with the consequences of the koronovirus pandemic. Finally, Mr. Kapralos stressed that there are huge financial issues that need to be settled, while 43% of athletes whose qualification has not yet been guaranteed for the next Olympics, whenever they have been organised.

Source- Mega Channel

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