Saturday , 23 January 2021

Statement by the Head of the Greek Olympic Team on the postponement of the Olympic Games

Statement by the Head of Mission of the Greek Team "Tokyo 2020", Michalis Fysentzidis, on the postponement of the Olympic Games

"The International Olympic Committee, listening to the anguish of athletes and athletes around the world, today took the right and above all reasonable decision to postpone the Olympic Games. I know firsthand, as head of mission for the Olympics, that the majority of our athletes and athletes were relieved to hear today's news. Because, even though some of them were ready for the Olympics, deep down they knew that the koroniovirus is not joking and could become part of the pandemic chain, with unforeseen consequences for themselves and for the families. and their. The cry of anguish, almost by the majority, of the National Olympic Committees, brought today's result, which EVERYONE should see as a chance and not a curse. The aim is that there should be no human losses from the virus and that is where all our athletes and athletes who have either qualified or hoped to give the "present" to the Tokyo Olympics should focus. The Games, according to the data available at the moment, are that they will be in 2021 and we are all obliged to adjust our plans, racing and beyond. For everyone, the pandemic is a challenge. And our athletes and athletes know better than anyone what it's like to be in the face of a challenge. As a new challenge, they must now also face the postponement of the Games. Be strong and Tokyo 2021 is not far away. At this stage WE STAY HOME".

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