Thursday , 30 November 2023

A new board of directors was elected to the SYMMETASCHONTWN union at the Olympic Games

At the offices of the Greek Olympic Committee at 23/12/2019 in the presence of the President of the EU Mr. Spyros Kapalou formed the new D. S of the Association of participants in the Olympic Games as follows:

1. President: Voula Kozobooli
2. A vice-President: Virginia Kravariotis
3. B Vice-President: Nikolaos Siranidis
4. C Vice-President: Miela Manianis
5. Vice President of International relations: Giorgos Andreadis
6. Secretary General: Irene Aϊndili
7. A special Secretary: Dimitris Maganas
8. B Special Secretary: Eva Christodoulou
9. Historian ESOA: Giorgos Liveris
10. Treasurer: Chryssa Biskitzi
11. Deputy Treasurer: Dimitra Magkandoudaki
12. Responsible for public and international relations: Dimitris Mougios

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