Sunday , 20 June 2021

Special awards to Greek Olympians by the Sports Journalists

In the final stretch for the annual feast of the top 2019 and the Panhellenic Association, apart from the award of the best athletes, female athletes and teams, as every year, will make special awards. The first special awards that are announced are that of the Olympic champion Spyros Gianniotis, who in 2020 will enter the all of Fame of the world swimming.

Also will be honored the top handball player Alexis Albanian who bid farewell to active action at the age of 39 years! Finally, the prize for social contribution will be given to the family of Alexandros Nansoula and Evangelias Psaras and the four members are actively engaged in archery. Alexandros Nasoulas is the federal coach, Evangelia Psaras has fought five times in the Olympic Games and the children, Maria and Haris are in the small national teams archery. The festival of the top will take place on Monday, December 9th at 18:00, at Megaron Mousikis, in the presence of the President of the Republic Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulou.

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