Wednesday , 19 June 2024

The Olympic Day Run 2018 at the Olympic Museum!

The annual programme "Sports + Peace" of the Olympic Museum, inaugurated in collaboration with institutional and private bodies, integrate the Greece map of the world in celebrating the International Olympic day! The Olympic Museum, the only relevant subject in the country, is planning a series of sports and cultural activities with starting point in the year 2018. The multidimensional actions included in the annual programme "Sports + Peace" are part of the 2020 Agenda of the International Olympic Committee and the axes of the programme ' Be Active ' of the European Union. With the exhortation Move, Learn, Discover, the Olympic Museum proposes to the public an alternative way of thinking that responds to a life, full of energy, enthusiasm and love for learning and his fellow man. The three axes of the programme, following the dictum ' a healthy mind in a healthy body "invite young and old, to adopt healthy patterns and activate psychic and spiritual powers, through actions that will embrace the entire city .

The start of the annual programme "Sports + Peace" will be held on Friday 22 June 2018, where the city will accommodate a beautiful feast worldwide, to indicate potential presence in the world celebrate the International Olympic Day. A variety of celebrations will give rhythm to the city streets to boot, for the first time in our country, the dromikoy event of the Olympic Day Run 1, with Starter the Olympic Museum. The Olympic Day Run will be the main action, as designed in accordance with the agenda of the International Olympic Committee, with a view to the accession of Greece to the World Olympic Charter celebration of International Olympic day. The prompt for move and the plus-motion for good cause remains unchanged throughout the duration of the annual programme of the Olympic Museum. Sport is firmly connected with the universal values, and public peace, as defined by idea of Olympism joins steps large and small, to commemorate the international day of Peace and the European week of sport. The Olympic Museum, in a symbolic and substantive act simultaneously conveying values to the younger generation, calls on Sunday 23 September, young people, parents and children, athletes and non, to participate in the EMU event, entertaining Family Fun Run &.

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