Monday , 20 March 2023

The award by the United Nations for refugees to the Greek Federation of persons with disabilities

It is a great honor for NCDP to be awarded for the submission of the winning idea “Integrating Children with Disabilities”. of the “Project Urban Refugee Children- Innovation Challenge” of UNHCR. On Friday, March 23, Yannis Vardakastanis, president of NCDP received the award for the idea of the programme "Designing Together: Strengthening Refugees with Disabilities", implemented by NCDP, with the contribution of the UNHCR. This specific programme aims to highlight the particular problems faced by refugees and asylum seekers with disabilities and chronic diseases and their families and to help strengthen these groups so that they can effectively assert their rights.

Mr. Vardakastanis, referring to the great honor given to the NCDP, stressed out the importance of recognizing the work of the NCDP with the stamp of the UNHCR: "Since the beginning of the refugee crisis NCDP tried to raise awareness with official letters to the Government, to the Commissioner EU for the immigration, to the European governments and organizations, in order to make clear that these people face multiple discriminations and easily become victims of poverty, exclusion and refugees' circuits. We seek special care for refugees and immigrants with disabilities with specialized staff at the Refugee Resource Management Co-ordination Center, reception and care structures as well as the rapid training of the port and police authorities who have the first contact with them. We continue to push for specialized care for people with disabilities and chronic diseases and for their families, for respect and protection of their rights ". Philippe Leclerc, UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Greece presented Yannis Vardakastanis the award.

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