Tuesday , 18 June 2024

Use of the word OLY for all Olympic champions of the world!

World Olympians Association’s new OLY initiative has seen 1000 Olympians register in its first five days. The 1000-strong group includes Olympians from all over the world representing both summer and winter Olympic sports.The initiative, which was launched on Saturday November 11 at the 8th IOC International Athletes Forum in Lausanne, Switzerland, saw IOC President Thomas Bach OLY become the first-ever Olympian to receive the OLY letters.

The initiative allows Olympians to use the OLY post-nominal letters. OLY can be used on official documentation, CVs, business cards, social media. In fact anywhere an Olympian would use their name, in the same way a university graduate may use PhD. Serving as a symbolic recognition of an Olympian’s status in society, OLY promotes an Olympian’s social, charitable, and community-based work, acting as a reminder of their achievements and of their responsibility to embody the values of Olympism in everyday life.

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