Monday , 23 May 2022

The project 'The Missing Piece' by the Paralympic Committee of Croatia

The Allianz sponsorship project “The Missing Piece” conducted in co-operation with the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) of Croatia and sponsorship consultancy VETTURELLI has won its eighth award. The project was awarded by the Croatian Public Relation Association (CPRA) at their yearly Grand PRix Ceremony in the category of the best sponsorship communication.

The Award was handed over to Branimir Budetic, the two-time Croatian Paralympic medallist, who pointed out that the award means a lot to him and his fellow Paralympic athletes. This is the eighth award that the project “The Missing Piece” has won, including the European Sponsorship Agency (ESA) Best of Europe Bronze Award, AHK Innovation Award of the German-Croatian Chamber and The Best SPORTO sponsorship of Croatia in 2016.

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