Thursday , 25 April 2024

The new program for the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Tokyo 2020!

Tokyo 2020 launches its Education Programme across the whole of Japan! Designed to stimulate interest in the Olympics and Paralympics amongst Japanese schoolchildren, the Programme covers topics including how the Games originated, what they stand for and their impact on Japan. Tokyo 2020's Education Programme is called the “Yoi Don! Programme” in Japanese. Yoi Don! means “Get Set” in English and depicts the readiness of the young people of Japan to embrace the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Under this Programme, Tokyo 2020 will be producing and supplying educational materials to participating schools, and making available a web portal offering a range of resource materials for teachers to use, including ideas for activities and projects, and films focusing on Olympic and Paralympic values. Teachers will also be able to share their work and ideas and collaborate with each other through the site.

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