Saturday , 18 May 2024

The Paralympic Symbol adorns the most famous beach of Brazil!

After the success of the Olympic rings on the most famous beach in Brazil, it was time for the Agitos to take over Copacabana Beach prior to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games (7-18 September). The sculpture of the Paralympic symbol was unveiled by the City of Rio on Copacabana Beach outside Copacabana Palace Hotel. Just like the rings, the Agitos are to be made of recycled plastic – a work of art four metres high and three metres wide. They will also have different textures and smells, thus being a source of inclusion and interactivity.

The Agitos were made by producer and artist Elisa Brasil, who was also responsible for building the Olympic rings previously displayed at Copacabana. She partnered with scenic designer Tejota Bastos to create a piece of work that can sharpen our senses. The blue Agito, for example, had its outside made with canvas and the inside made with bottles of fabric softener, so it gives off a "smell of clean" that can be easily identified. Other colours will also bring out different aromas and special sensations.

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