Saturday , 1 April 2023

Juan Antonio Samaranch in the footsteps of his father

Juan Antonio Samaranch was duly elected International Olympic Committee (IOC) Vice-President in Rio, following in the footsteps of his famous father. Turkey’s Ugur Erdener secured the second vice-president’s position that was available. Samaranch received 69 votes in favour and six against; Erdener’s score was 60-18.

The new IOC Executive Board is as follows: Thomas Bach (President, Germany), Samaranch (Vice-President, Spain), Erdener (Vice-President, Turkey), John Coates (Vice-President, Australia), Zaiqing Yu (Vice-President, China), Wu (Taiwan), Kasper (Switzerland), Hickey (Ireland), Ruggiero (USA), Bubka (Ukraine), Kaltschmitt (Guatemala), Anita DeFrantz (USA), Gunilla Lindberg (Sweden) and Ng (Singapore).

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