Tuesday , 29 November 2022

The ultimate celebration of National Paralympic Day

Hong Kong Paralympic Committee and Sports Association for the Physically Disabled have announced that their country’s inaugural Paralympic Day will be held on 29 May at the Hong Kong Sports Institute. Activities during the Hong Kong Paralympic Day include an opening ceremony, exhibition, para-sports demonstration and trials. The general public is welcome to join with free admission.

The announcement exemplifies the HKPC&SAPD’s continuing dedication toward enabling their para-athletes to achieve sporting excellence, as well as encouraging persons with impairments to participate in sports activities. From 2016 onwards, the HKPC&SAPD will organise the “Hong Kong Paralympic Day” once every two years. The aims are to raise public awareness about para-sports in the country; advocate public support for development of para-sports; encourage people with physical impairments to participate in sports; and seek new talents to receive further sports training.

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