Monday , 17 June 2024

The development of Olympic education in Albania

The Albanian National Olympic Committee organized a seminar on Olympic education with about 95 people from regional education directorates, education offices, children’s cultural centres, including also physical education teachers from all over Albania. The seminar in Durres, aimed at providing information on the implementation of Olympic values and the organization of school activities during the Olympic week. For the occasion, the NOC produced 2,000 Olympic kits, 1,800 of which were distributed in different schools across the country.

During the seminar, the NOC presented four case studies on the best way to organize Olympic events, and five new materials related to the organization of this year’s Olympic Day, including mini-games, quizzes, etc., which will be made available to all physical education teachers. Participants were also asked to fill out a questionnaire in two sections, one on the importance and effectiveness of the Olympic package, the other on the 2016 Olympic Day possibilities and limits of realization - the information collected will help the NOC improve the content of the materials for the organization of the coming Olympic Day.

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