Saturday , 20 August 2022

Almost 500.000 companies support the Olympic Rome!

A meeting with 474,000 companies in Rome to work on the Rome 2024 bid. This is the initiative that the president of the Chamber of Commerce Lorenzo Tagliavanti launched during the meeting with Rome 2024 Bid President Luca di Montezemolo. “A wonderful idea, because it expresses the strong unity behind our bid - said Montezemolo -. We need everyone’s support, starting from the companies of the Capital to share initiatives that can improve the city starting from now”.

“This event is a challenge that can help Rome. The 1960 Games are an example of how many infrastructural works built for that event are important elements for the city today – added Bid president, explaining to the members of the Council Rome 2024’s vision for the Games -.

Source: Rome 2024

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