Sunday , 21 April 2024

Six months for the big Paralympic celebration

International Paralympic Committee President Sir Philip Craven has said that with six months to go until the Rio 2016 Paralympics, the city is almost ready to stage an “unmissable Games” that will transform South America forever.

Monday 7 March marks six months to go mark until the Opening Ceremony of Latin America’s first Paralympics in Rio’s iconic Maracana Stadium. To mark the occasion the IPC President has stressed the importance of the Rio 2016 Paralympics building on the success of previous Games in order to continue the Paralympic Movement’s growth. “It has been just over seven years since Rio was historically elected to host Latin America’s first Paralympic Games in Copenhagen, Denmark. A lot of hard work has been undertaken since that decision, but now Rio is almost ready to stage what will be an unmissable Games,” said Sir Philip.

Source: International Paralympic Committee

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