Tuesday , 28 June 2022

Exclusive: The mapping of the Olympic Torch Relay successfully accomplished

The mapping for the Greek leg of the Torch Relay for the upcoming Olympics in Rio, accomplished successfully. During the mapping, recorded all the distances and the streets of the Greek cities which will be pass the Olympic Flame, before being delivered to the Brazilian hosts.

This difficult task made by experienced members of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, who visited in a week's time a big part of the mainland and islands of Greece. Their work became even more difficult, as this year's mapping coincided with the farmers' demonstrations, which made difficult in some cases the road movement of the members of the Committee.

According to reliable information, this year's Olympic Torch Relay will include locations - surprises, regarding the cities that will host the Sacred Olympic Flame. The upcoming period is expected to be officially announced the full program of the Olympic Torch Relay, with all the details of the host cities of the Flame.

We must remark that the Lighting Ceremony will be held on April 21 in Ancient Olympia. After this, the Flame will visit a big part of the Greek territory for one week and will be delivered to the organizers of the Games, at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens.

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