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The accessible beaches of the Municipality of Polygyros Halkidiki for People with Disabilities

Psakoudia, Metamorfosi, Gerakini and Kalives are the four beaches where people with disabilities can enjoy swimming, since the Municipality of Polygyros made sure to create the appropriate infrastructure for this purpose.

People with mobility problems

People with mobility problems have the opportunity to enter the sea of Metamorfosi and Gerakini, with the special seat that has been placed. It is an innovative mechanism, which has an integrated folding treadmill, two drive systems and special balloon-type wheels to move easily on the sand.

Those interested in receiving the remote control of the mechanism, if they do not have their own escort, can contact the camp "ONIRATA", for the beach of Metamorfosi, at the phone: 6973723770 (Mr. Stamoulis) and for the beach of Gerakini at the Decauvile Hotel, tel: 6973723770 (Mr. Kougionis). In addition, the website is available to them https://sea-access.gr, Through which, they can see in real time, the prevailing conditions, ie if the sea is calm or has waves.

Visually impaired

On the beaches of Psakoudia and Kalives, an innovative guidance system has been installed for visually impaired people, which guides them to enter the sea and swim safely. Sea buoys announce the distance to the beach, as well as the depth of the water, with the help of a waterproof remote control.

The visually impaired person, guided by corridors, is led to the information point, where he receives the remote-controlled transmitter and through the traffic corridors, approaches his position on the beach. When it enters the water, it presses the first button on the remote control and the buoys give information, such as numbering and calculating the distance from the shore. The sound messages of each buoy delimit the swimming points and allow orientation in the sea. The person swims from one buoy to another safely. Pressing the second button receives a beep from the beach panel, allowing return to the beach. Finally, in case of emergency, he presses the third button and through the portable signal receiving unit, notifies for help.

"Accessibility to our beaches for people with disabilities is non-negotiable. It is inconceivable that in the country, where tourism is booming, our fellow human beings cannot enjoy moments of summer relaxation by the sea. We do our best to serve their needs", says the Deputy Mayor of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Yiannis Lelegiannis.

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