Monday , 22 July 2024

Cooperation between the Sports Federation of People with Disabilities and Attica Rehabilitation Center

Ένα πρωτότυπο Κέντρο Αποθεραπείας & Αποκατάστασης υψηλών προδιαγραφών και υπηρεσιών καλωσόρισε στην «οικογένεια» των Υποστηρικτών της, η Εθνική Αθλητική Ομοσπονδία Ατόμων με Αναπηρίες.

CSD Attica is a model structure providing rehabilitation services, of high standards, the largest in capacity in Greece, as it has 300 beds. The care provided consists of integrated services to address medical, physical and emotional morbidities, of neurological or musculoskeletal etiology, that cause dysfunctions in movement, communication, self-care and, in general, quality of life.

The many years of experience and know-how of the experts of CSD Attica, combined with the use of cutting-edge technology, follows the standards of similar centers abroad, guaranteeing not only the fast, substantial and successful recovery and rehabilitation of patients, but also their smooth social and professional reintegration and activation.

The support program of CSD Attica, which concerns the athletes of the Federation, includes the coverage of physiotherapy programs – muscle strengthening – hydrotherapy to the athletes of the Federation's Planning throughout the year and hospitality whenever needed.

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