Monday , 15 July 2024

Today the national paraathlon championship in Vartholomio

Para-Triathlon: The Panhellenic "rendezvous" at Dunes Vartholomio
Dunes Vartholomio was given this year's "rendezvous" of the Panhellenic Para-Triathlon Championship (Sunday, 7/4).
13 athletes (8 men and 5 women) will participate, among them there are two wheelchairs, from 7 clubs from all over Greece.
Detailed entries per category:
PTS5 (A): Dimitris Economou (Megalonisos), Thodoros Moraitis (Panathinaikos)
PTS3 (A): Ibrahim Al Hussein (Pioneers), Achilleas Stamatiadis (Kastellani),
PTVI2 (A): Gerasimos Lignos (Filoxenos), Grigoris Souvatzoglou (GUIDE Filoxenos)
PTS4 (A): Konstantinos Malachas (Kastellani)
PTWC2 (C): Katerina Saranti (Kastellani)
PTVI1 (C): Evangelia Tsichlaki (Arion), Katerina Tzobanaki (GUIDE Arion)
PTWC1 (A): Frangiskos Armaos (Jonas)
PTVI3 (C): Antigoni Vasilopoulou (Ionas), Nikoleta Angelatou (GUIDE
Today (Saturday, 6/4) the program includes:
12:00-12:30 Bike Familiarization
12:45-13:30 Swim Familiarization
18:30 Technical briefing
19:00 Race-pack Distribution
The racing program includes:
Sunday (7/4)
07:35-08:30 Athletes Lounge check-in
08:00-08:45 Transition Area check-in and Swim worm-up
08:50-08:55 Συγκέντρωση & παρουσίαση αθλητών (Line up & Athletes Introduction)
09:00:00 PTWC1 Men
09:01:00 PTWC2 Women
09:10:00 PTS5 Men
09:13:00 PTVI2 Men
09:14:00 PTVI1 Women
09:17:11 PTVI3 Women
09:20:00 PTS3/4 Men
11:15 Medal Ceremony
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