Monday , 15 July 2024

Training of Boccia coaches by the Thessaloniki Eagles

The Eagles of Thessaloniki implemented at the Kaftanzoglio National Stadium training of coaches in inclusive and safe #Boccia. Twelve people from Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and North Macedonia were in Thessaloniki as part of the European project #Ramps4Champs the #ErasmusPlus programme to participate in the training. The project aims to develop boccia in the BC3 category in which athletes compete with the use of a ramp and with the help of a sport assistant. The purpose of the project
is to highlight Boccia in the BC3 category as an inclusive sport where people with very severe disabilities can compete with people without disabilities on equal terms. The partners participating in this project are for Greece the Thessaloniki Eagles, for Bulgaria the Asociacia Za Razvitie Na Bulgarskiasport, for Serbia the Sport Union For People With Disabilites Belgrade, for North Macedonia the Association Of National Sport Leaders Network Kavadarci and for Cyprus the Rescue Training International that undertook the part of first aid training and the purchase of four racing level ramps
for the rest of the project partners. It is of particular importance to note that for the first time athletes with severe disabilities from Serbia and Bulgaria will be able to train and play in the Paralympic sport of boccia in the BC3 category as they are the first ramps to go to these countries while it is only the second in North Macedonia. This gives rise to those countries where athletes with very severe disabilities have not had the opportunity to play sports, they no longer have it. The project #Ramps4Champs aspires to become a global campaign to mobilize and raise awareness.

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