Monday , 22 July 2024

Intervention in the Bill on Transport for the accessibility of people with disabilities

With letter to the Committee on Production and Trade of the House of Representatives, the ESMEA submitted its proposals on the bill "Provisions for public interurban and urban regular road passenger transport. Reorganization of the companies OSE S.A. and ERGOSE S.A. and other provisions", which is in the Parliament for discussion and vote, requesting at the same time that a representative of E.S.A.meA be invited during his discussion in the Committee.

E.S.A.meA. among other things, it proposes:

  • Public ordinary interurban and urban road passenger transport offered as services of General Economic Interest (G.O.S.) to the public without discrimination include people with disabilities.
  • The network of public regular intercity and urban road passenger transport serves the constant travel needs of the travelling public including people with disabilities with scheduled routes, to which everyone has indiscriminate access against the specified fare"
  • [...] These buses comply with the technical specifications of Regulation (EU) [...], and have received a relevant bus type approval, are suitably adapted and equipped to serve passengers with disabilities.
  • Operators to be able to carry out continuously the transport work which they undertake safely during traffic, in particular for passengers; including passengers with disabilities, with the quality necessary and to ensure the level of service required to fulfil the relevant public interest objective.
  • The design of the network shall take into account the specific needs of movements of pupils or trainees to the training centres and of workers to the workplace, persons with disabilities and persons prevented from doing so, the conscripts who serve their service, and generally the uninterrupted service of the travelling public.

Notice of competition: The notice shall include at least the procedure and stages of the competitions, the conditions and supporting documents for the participation of the interested parties, reasons for the exclusion of tenderers, the criteria for the evaluation of tenders, which always include the criterion of accessibility to persons with disabilities;, how the contractor is nominated, the possibility of appeals by the tenderers, measures to prevent, detect and correct cases of fraud, corruption and conflict of interest in the tendering process and other relevant details.

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