Monday , 15 July 2024

In the international golfo tournament of Egypt the Greek team!

In the international tournament william Egyptian Pyramids International Championships that will be hosted the three-day 25-27 March in Alexandria, our national teams of men and women participate.

In the mission of our representative band of men participate the athletes Grigorios Tatsis, Ioannis Skourmpoutis, Athanasios Hadjipantou, Benziani Antiano, Altin Lessi and Socrates Digolis. The federal coach is Antonis Anastos and the escort-assistant is Christoforos Sizopoulos.

Respectively, vasiliki Ago, Eflampia Mavrovounioti, Juliet Bousi, Paraskevi Naka, Eleni Chalkiadaki and Evgenia Stamatis participate in the national women's mission. The federal coach is Melpomeni Kessanopoulou and the escort-assistant is Vasiliki-Ioanna Prepaki.

The matches in the group stage will take place on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 March, while the ranking matches, the semi-finals and the final will take place on Sunday the 27th of the month.

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