Tuesday , 16 July 2024

The International Olympic Academy's response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine

The International Olympic Academy (IOA) joins its voice with that of the International Olympic Committee, strongly condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The relevant announcement of the IOA states:

"Any act of violence against independent peoples and ordinary citizens is a brutal insult to the fundamental Values of Olympism, which aim at a total peaceful coexistence and solidarity.

The IOC, taking into account all the above, decided to urge all international federations to withdraw any international event scheduled to take place on the territory of Russia and Belarus and to withdraw their flags from any sporting event, as a symbolic act of resistance to this barbaric invasion.

So the IOA, decided to take down from its masts the flags of Russia and Belarus from its facilities in Ancient Olympia.

From the very first moment, all the members and executives of the IOA, we stand by the Ukrainian people, the athletes and their sports bodies and we express the wish that the troops from the sovereign and independent Ukraine, which are violating with their presence the values and principles of Peace, friendship, solidarity and cooperation between peoples, will be withdrawn immediately.

Right now, we're all Ukrainians."

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