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Registration for the 'Truce Path' 2022 has begun

For the seventh consecutive year it will be held in the sacred land of Elis and Olympia, in the "Path of truce", the Sunday 15 May 2022, the "Truce Road 2022".

The entries opened in the routeoftruce.com.

In the place where the Olympic Games were born and every four years the ancient Greeks united to honor their gods, the Olympia Confederation organizes the "Road of Truce". The road that leads from Ancient Ilida (organizer of the ancient Olympic Games) to Ancient Olympia (venue of the Games). The road that leads from the Truce to Irene. In their path the runners, preachers of the Truce, receive the hospitality of Xenios Zeus through the happy faces of the people who from the depths of the centuries reaches our days bridging the ancient with the modern. The modern residents, descendants of ancient Ilia, welcome runners and walkers with cool water, with traditional fruit products, raisins, dairy, wines, juices, nuts... Fruits that the Iliac land bears and offer generously to the modern preachers of the Truce.

The road as in previous years will not have a racing character and will be held on the route Ilida Olympia: The Path of Truce and will be awarded all participants who will successfully complete the route of 50 km with unique numbered medals. Those who omit a piece will get a commemorative medal without numbering. It should be noted that this course NOT it has a racing character and almost all participants move together always following the forerunner.

By bridging the ancient with the modern, the old with the new, we remind everyone why the Olympic Games were celebrated. Based on the "Path of Truce", we bring back to the fore the ideals of respect for man and the sacred right to peace.

Benefits to participants:

  • Collector's medal
  • Participation number
  • Supply of water, fruits, juices, biscuits, nuts and fillets per ~5 km of the route
  • The technical T-shirt of the Event
  • Praise for participation
  • Transfer (see in detail in the registration form)
  • Transfer of the personal belongings of the athletes from the Start to the Finish.

More information about the route and information about the route can be found on the official website of the Path (http://routeoftruce.com/), in the section "Truce Roads", subsection "Ilida-Olympia (50km)", subsection "2022".
On our homepage you can find our own app for Path (for Android and iOS).
The route is past and in most applications with paths and paths.

In the near future, registrations will open for the 5km race from Pisa to Olympia and for the 2km children's race in Ancient Ilida, which will take place on Saturday, May 14th.
We are waiting to see you up close and enjoy all together the uniqueness of the Path and the conveyance of the message of the Truce!

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