Sunday , 3 December 2023

Renewal of the sponsorship of 'HYGEIA' to the athletes of the Hellenic Olympic Committee

TheHEALTH, announced therenewalofsponsorship program to support athletesofHellenic Olympic Committee for another four-year term, in the context of a Press Conference held at the "N. Louros" Conference Center of MITERA.

Specifically, the HYGEIA Support Programme includesfree coverage of health needsof all athletessupported by the Hellenic Olympic Committee, withfree diagnostic tests, hospitalization and surgeries. The aim of the project is toenhance the preparation of athletesfor theOlympicsto be held inParisthe2024.

It is worth noting that theHEALTH, as early as 2018, actively supports the efforts of athletes by covering free of charge their health needs, asProud Supporter of the Hellenic Olympic Team.

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