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The new criteria for awarding an Olympic scholarship in view of 'Paris 2024'

Following on from no. 3/2-11-21 decision of the Plenum approving a grant from Olympic Solidarity through the program "Olympic Scholarships of Athletes PARIS 2024" of a total amount up to 150,000 USD and it was decided to pay to 11 athletes based on specific criteria, the Executive Committee, following a recommendation by Mr. Sp. Capralos accepts the proposal of the Athletes' Committee and the Olympic Preparation Committee and decides to propose to the Plenary that the NAIS will pay the same amount (400,00 € per month) to those additional athletes who occupied up to the 12th place in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in individual sports, without age limit and have income from sponsorships less than 12.000,00 € per year.

The criteria for the inclusion of an athlete in the scholars are as follows:

• Athletes who took a 1-12 place at the Tokyo Olympics
• Athletes who do not receive sponsorships over 12.000,00 € per year, nor sponsorships corresponding to 1000 € monthly for the period January 2022 – August 2024
It is also noted that athletes commit that in case they receive in the future sponsorships of more than 12.000,00 € per year, they will inform the EGOC's Olympic Solidarity service and will resign from the Paris 2024 Olympic Scholarship.
• If an athlete who is already on the list of scholars waives his/her right to receive the scholarship due to the fact that he/she receives sponsorships greater than 12.000,00 €, if at some point the amount of his/her sponsorships is reduced below the limit, he/she will be able to join the program after a re-evaluation that will be made for all fellow athletes every 4 months.
• Athletes who are punished at the beginning of the program by their federations, the PHILIPED or other disciplinary body, and have occupied up to the 12th place will join the program after the expiration of their sentence during the four-month re-evaluation of all the athletes of the program.
The scholarship offers athletes who meet these criteria a fixed monthly grant of 400,00 € for 32 months (January 2022 – August 2024) that can contribute to the following:
 Access to appropriate training facilities
 Coach's fee
 Regular medical and scientific assistance and monitoring
 Accident and disease insurance
 Food and accommodation expenses
 Travel expenses of the athlete for his participation in competitions, including the Olympic qualifiers.
Athletes who have achieved their qualification and have been declared to participate in the Paris 2024 Olympics will receive their scholarship until August 31, 2024. The scholarships of athletes who did not manage to qualify for the Olympic Games will be revoked from the date of their last qualification.

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