Monday , 15 July 2024

Complaint of Paralympic champion Dimitra Korokida for altering the elections in the Association of Greek Paralympics!

Paralymponiki Dimitra Korokida proceeded with complaints that essentially concern the alteration of the result of the elections of the Association of Greek Paralympics for its representatives in the EPE. Read in detail what he wrote.
'The elections of the Association of Greek Paralympics for the election of three representatives to the Plenum of the Greek Paralympic Committee were a fiasco. With my attorney we have started all the legal procedures so that what happened goes unpunished and the electoral process is annulled. It is a disgrace and shows great disrespect for the 79 Paralympic champions with disabilities who came from all over the country to exercise their right to vote for fair and proper representation in the EIA.
While I was clearly elected as third for the Plenum, after an objection of the fourth in a row, the election committee appointed by the board of the association (in violation of the statutes) began to "search" and "remove" ballot papers as invalid on the pretext that the cross was not correct, symmetrical, in perfect line with the name, etc. This is a disgrace to our space as well as to our society in general.'

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