Monday , 15 July 2024

Response of the Association of Greek Paralympics to the allegations of distortion of the elections

The Association of Greek Paralympics would like to inform you about Mrs. Korokida's announcement so that there are no shadows and question marks. More specifically, the General Assembly was held in the presence of 79 Paralympians. The largest participation in a General Assembly in the last decade.
The President of the General Assembly and the members of the election committee were elected unanimously by the General Assembly, the President of the Election Committee of Athens was appointed by the Athens Bar Association in accordance with the provisions of the law. The process, the voting and the proclamation of the results went smoothly and all 79 Paralympians voted.
During the announcement of the results, Mr. Katsaros and then Mrs. Korokida submitted to the election committee an objection of the nullity of some ballot papers. They were both summoned before the election committee and reported the numbers of the ballot papers and the objections they have to them, both.
After the meeting of the election committee, the result was 32 votes for Mr. Katsaros and 31 votes for Mrs. Korokida. This result was confirmed by the election committee. Mrs Korokida knows that the objection is a democratic right which she herself used when announcing the results.
Everyone has the right to do what the law stipulates. We do not accept in any way that this flawless procedure should be tarnished for reasons of personal bitterness.

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