Tuesday , 16 July 2024

Cooperation program for the enhancement of the institution of the Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony

The elaboration and implementation of a cooperation program in order to support, strengthen and upgrade the cultural activities in Ancient Olympia, especially during the period before and after the Olympic Flame Lighting ceremonies, is the subject of a Programmatic Contract for Cultural Development, which was signed by the Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni, the Regional Governor of Western Greece Nektarios Farmakis and the Mayor of Ancient Olympia George Georgiopoulos.

"The Ministry of Culture and Sports, said the Lina Mendoni responded, with great joy, to the request of the Mayor of Ancient Olympia George Georgiopoulos and the Regional Governor of Western Greece Nektarios Farmakis for the conclusion of a Programmatic Contract for Cultural Development between the three institutions for the upgrading of the ceremony of the lighting of the Olympic Flame. Ancient Olympia is a priority for the Ministry of Culture and Sports due to the importance of its archaeological site, the panhellenic sanctuary of the Olympic Games and its museums, which highlight not only the valuable cultural reserve of the region, but also the values of Olympism. Olympia and the Olympic Games are very strong brand names of our country, which we must capitalize on internationally, to the maximum possible. The ceremony of touching the Olympic Flame is a multifatuary cultural event that promotes internationally Ancient Olympia and Greece, as well as the universal principles and values of the Olympic ideals. The will of the Municipality and the Region to upgrade the ceremony and accompany it with scientific and cultural events contributes decisively to the further promotion of the ceremony itself, and therefore to the desired enhancement of extroversion".

The Programmatic Contract has a three-year duration and a total budget €329,840. It provides for the organization of cultural, scientific, seminar events of a permanent or periodic nature, during the year between the Lighting Ceremonies of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, which take place every two years, for the Summer and Winter Games, respectively.

The purpose of the Convention is the emergence of Ancient Olympia as a global center of Culture and universal values, the general tourist promotion of Ancient Olympia, as well as the development of the region with a focus on the upgrading of its international cultural character. At the same time, the aim is to promote and promote contemporary forms of Greek artistic production.

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