Monday , 22 July 2024

Six national records at the National Paralympic Track Cycling Championships

Six national records marked the national track cycling championship held at the Olympic velodrome in Athens and held in parallel with the Panhellenic cycling championship for teenagers, children and girls of the Hellenic Cycling Federation (EEA).

Three new national records were set by the only representative of Greek cycling at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, Nikolaos Papagelis (Herodic). He broke the records in the sprint categories, the kilometer and the 3,000m, at the same time that Nikolaos Papakyriakis (Castellanos) scored two national records in the sprint and the kilometer.

A national record was also set by Sotiris Vavaroutsos in the sprint, with his team, Panathinaikos, also taking first place in the medal table (four golds, two bronzes). In the second place of the relevant table was Talos with three golds, two silvers, while in third place they equalled Castellanos and Herodotus who had two gold medals. In 5th place with four silver medals was found Pegasus Kypselis.

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