Monday , 15 July 2024

Agreement for the Cooperation of the Marathon Museum and the National Olympic Academy

A Cooperation Agreement between the Marathon Road Museum and the National Olympic Academy was signed by the Mayor of Marathon, Mr. Stergios Tsirkas, and the President of the National Olympic Academy, Mr. Stergios Tsirkas, and the President of the EthN.O.A. Mr. Giorgos Alykakos. Its purpose is to consolidate cooperation between the two parties by establishing specific guidelines for the promotion of sport.

Ethn.O.A. develops educational programs that cultivate the skills of young people and children, complementing the role of the school, with the main aim of spreading Olympic Education, cultivating and implementing the pedagogical and social principles of the Olympic movement, the transfer of sports spirit, sports traditions and Fair Play. The event ended with the presentation of the new Museum study for the Marathon Road Museum by the Architect – Museumologist Mr. Konstantinos Boura, according to which it is proposed to create a modern Museum dominated by the principles of experiential approach, "recreational education" and renewal.

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