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The National Transparency Authority's workshop on the National Sports Integrity Platform

At the online workshop organized by the National Transparency Authority in cooperation with the General Secretariat of Sport on the occasion of the launch of the National Platform for Sports Integrity (E.P.ATHL.A), more than 150 members of sports federations and associations, organizing authorities as well as public and private sector professionals had the opportunity to learn about how the platform works, the need to record or update the Codes of Ethics and Ethics as well as the role of integrity officer in the federations. Among them is the President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee and IOC member Spyros Kapralos.

The ECHR is one of the five founding members of the E.P.A.T.A. established in the context of the implementation of the Council of Europe's McColin Convention and is an opportunity to implement an ambitious reform in the field of sport as well as a useful tool to enhance transparency and prevent manipulation of sporting events.
The need for a "radical response to the manipulation of sports, which is a team sport and must all join forces to protect sport", stressed the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sport, Mr. Lefteris Avgenakis, who referred in detail to the part of the sports reform concerning the ratification of the Macolin Convention and the establishment of the National Platform for Sports Integrity, pointing out, inter alia, , that "we have created an integrated structure, with clear responsibilities, role and clear objectives. And most importantly, in the narrow core of the platform becomes for the first time, productive cooperation of the G.G.A. with institutional bodies".
The Governor of the ECHR, Mr. Angelos Binis, referred to the special weight and priority given by the Authority to the design and implementation of targeted and innovative actions that support the great effort made by the political leadership and officials of the Ministry of Sport for the overall reorganization of the sports ecosystem with emphasis on strengthening good and good governance and accountability to members of the sports community.
Under the slogan "We unite forces, we protect sport", the Secretary General of Sport, Mr. Giorgos Mavrotas, presented the structure and operation of the E.P.ATH.A., with the aim of developing synergies in the field of prevention (information, awareness, education) and repression (analysis, investigation, prosecution), in order to deal with incidents of manipulation in sport, at national and international level, stating characteristically: "Despite the general belief that the manipulation of sports matches is linked only to betting , in fact it is linked to anything that disrupts the sporting result, whether it concerns the acquisition of an economic or a competitive advantage'.
The Legal, Coordinating Working Group for the Evaluation of the reports of E.P.ATHL.A. Mrs. Panagiota Xylaki presented the process of evaluation of the reports, which are submitted through the website of E.P.ATHL.A and evaluated by a team, which participates executives of the SGA, the EAD, the SEEP and EL.AS, based on specific criteria. As noted, the findings, depending on gravity, are forwarded for further investigation to the competent authorities (federations, sports prosecutor, EL.AS.).
The Head of the Department of Relations with the National Olympic Committees, International Olympic Committee (IOC) Anti-Manipulation Unit, Mr. Evangelos Alexandrakis, referred to the section of the Olympic Movement for the Prevention of Manipulated Games, which is based on the following three pillars: (a)the adoption of relevant regulations by sports organisations (in line with the Code of the Olympic Movement for the Prevention of Manipulated Games), (b) the development of awareness-raising actions and (c) the management of cases. He also noted that the Department of the Olympic Movement works closely with the National Olympic Committees to support them in the development of relevant actions, The Head of the Directorate-General for Integrity and Accountability of the ECHR, Maria Konstantinidou, spoke about her experience in drafting Codes of Ethics and Ethics and about the importance of their implementation in sports federations because, as she noted, "in the field of sport more than any other field a huge social project is being carried out, as sport helps young people to form a character with a deep sense of communication and cooperation".
The audience who attended the workshop had the opportunity to participate in electronic voting through the online platform "Mentimeter" with the results fuelling an interesting exchange of views between speakers and demonstrating the need to implement the E.P.A.T.L. platform.

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