Friday , 19 July 2024

New successes for the Greek Paralympians in swimming

Her first gold medal at the European swimming championships hosted in Madeira was won by Greece. The "gold" Paralympion winner of Rio, as in 2018 in Ireland, so today, in Portugal, found himself at the top of the race, at the same time as our country celebrated another medal, starring Aristides Makrodimitris in the 100m. supine S2. Now, the Greek mission in Madeira has reached the four medals with one gold, one silver and two bronze.

Michalentzakis, who in the same event (but not in the same category) had been crowned Paralympion gold in Brazil, came back first halfway and despite the pressure he received from Italian Amonteo in the second 50, won the top of the race with a performance of 1:03.07 (1:03.20 had his opponent). This medal is the fourth to win a European championship since 2016 and the third gold. Michalentzakis had qualified for the final, with the 3rd best performance of the qualifiers (1:05.93).

Makrodimitris, holder of three medals at the Paralympic Games (London 2012), took 3rd place in the 100m. S2, as was the case in 2016 in the same swimming pool. His performance was 2:16.13 which gave him his fifth medal at the institution since 2016.

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