Friday , 19 July 2024

Full access for disabled people to the beaches of the Municipality of Aristotle Halkidiki

In the implementation phase - and even with specifications upgraded in relation to the initial study of 2017 - enters the project of supply and installation of equipment for the provision of integrated accessibility services on tourist beaches of the municipality of Aristotle. The relevant contract has been integrated Operational Programme "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020", with the aim of meeting accessibility requirements and safety rules for all categories of disabled people on beaches of the municipality and contributing to the development of tourism specific requirements, for people with disabilities. The study area of the proposal concerns four coastal settlements of the municipality, where tourist organized beaches of pro Athos area operate, with the best conditions of accessibility (smoothness of soil, direct access from the settlement and the road network), as these can better serve the large number of tourists who visit the area during the summer months. In particular, the intervention will take place on the municipal beach of Ierissos (camping), on the beach "Alykes" (camping) of Ammouliani, on the municipal Plaz of New Roses (Sarakina) and on the beach "kaboudi" of Ouranoupolis.

In each of the above locations, mobile corridors and permanent provisions for autonomous access of people with mobility problems (in Ierissos and Nea Roda) to the sea, guidance provisions for visually impaired people (in Ammouliani and Ouranoupolis) umbrellas and mobile panels for the creation of shading areas, information signs, sanitary areas and changing rooms for wheelchair users, special waste bins will be installed. Please note that the original proposal included only semi-autonomous disabled access systems on the 4 beaches of the municipality. At the suggestion of the managing authority, the physical and economic object of the operation was modified and the installation of autonomous access systems was considered on two beaches.

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