Friday , 19 July 2024

Teleconference of the Sports Federation of the Deaf with the Secretary General of Sport

In a teleconference yesterday were found representatives of the Hellenic Federation of Sport of the Deaf with the G.G. of the General Secretariat of Sport Mr. Giorgos Mavrota.

In particular, the President of the EAC, Mr. Joseph Stavrakakis, the G.G. Mr. Takis Kordonouris and the Treasurer of the EAC, Mr. Ioannis Soufis, spoke with the Secretary-General regarding the Hillon Programme. "CHILON" is a meritocratic evaluation system of the Federations, with absolutely measurable data, that captures data on their full activities. It lays down a number of criteria on the basis of which the evaluation is obtained and then linked to part of their funding. In this context, the representatives of the EAAC were informed of the criteria and parameters of The Hillon for the year 2021.

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